• Current 2017

    B.Tech in Information and Communication Technology

    School of Engineering and Applied Science, Ahmedabad University

    CGPA : 3.23/4.00 (Till 5th Sem)


  • Sep '19 - PresentMSP 2019-2020


    As Micrsosft Student Partner I am responsible to organize new nevents in the community and to keep the community updated with tech. During this I also learn new technologies and try to think how it can be used to solve any real world problem.

  • Aug '19 - PresentEvent Organizer

    Major League Hacking

    I am responsible to organize MLH events such as MLH Local Hack Day and Learn Day. I have also helped students in building creative stuffs.

  • Sep '19 - April '20Committee-Head

    Ingenium 2020

    Ingenium is the Technical fest of Ahmedabad University and I am respponsible for arranging tech events, hackathon along with many other responsibilities.

  • Dec '19 - March '20Organizer

    Ingenious Hackathon-2k20

    I was responsible to organize the Hackathon and look over the complete execution. We had participants from all over the nation.

  • Jan '19 - Dec '19Vice-Chair

    IEEE Student Branch, Ahmedabad University

    I make sure to organize and strategize the workshops and events by which Community can learn.

  • Dec '18 - March '19Co-Organizer

    Ingenious Hackathon-2k19

    I was responsible to organize the Hackathon and look over the complete execution.

  • Jan '18 - Dec '18Treasurer

    IEEE Student Branch, Ahmedabad University

    I handle the budget for organizing the workshops and events.Along with this I am also responsible to plan events by which Community can learn and interact.

  • Nov '18 - March '19Committee Member

    Ingenium 2019

    Ingenium is the Technical fest of Ahmedabad University and I was respponsible for arranging some tech events along with many other responsibilities.

  • Nov '17 - March '18Volunteer

    Ingenium 2018

    Ingenium is the Technical fest of Ahmedabad University and I was for volunteering in events in tem=rms of logistics and others.

  • January, 2020 January, 2020


    MIT India Initiative

    Only 300 applications were selected for MIT India Initiative and I was one of them. I got chance to work with MIT and Harvard Mentors on some of the problems. I went through a process of problem identification with storyboarding, ideating and brainstorming sessions, rapid prototyping, and product development.

    Under mobility track, my team and I ideated on few of the issues of Transportation in India. We came up with a prototype aiming to address the lack of supply & demand visibility in Indian road freight transportation market.

    Main Focus :

    Design Thinking Ideation Technology

  • August, 2019 January, 2020

    Software Developer

    DataThinker AI

    I was working on product named DenZ. My responsibility was to work mostly on backend of the product by building scalable API's, improving the performance and designing effective algorithms for functionalities.

    DenZ bring all the key players in dental world together including Dentists, Practice Owners, Vendors, Suppliers and Service Providers together under single platform!

    Tech Stack Working on :

    Python + Flask Data Structures and Algorithms Amazon Web Services DynamoDB

  • May, 2019 Sep, 2019

    Data Structure and Algorithm Developer Intern

    OpenGenus Foundation

    I am currently doing Open Source Contributions to few projects of OpenGenus such as falcon, Cosmos, OpenGenus IQ, etc... Also I am sharing my Data Structure and Algorithm knowledge by writing blogs on OpenGenus IQ.

    Tech Stack Working on :

    Python Data Structures and Algorithms Beautiful Soap

  • June, 2019 July, 2019

    Full Stack Developer Intern

    DataOne Innovation Labs

    I was working on product named Shoppr My responsibility is to work mostly on Backend of the product by developing API's, increasing the performance, and many more tasks.

    Shoppr is a Customer Science Platform that provides the often-missing holistic customer view to e-commerce sellers and empowers them to reach out to right customers with right product at right time.

    Shoppr pulls data from your e-commerce platform, merges data from different marketing channels, and provides Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning powered analytical solutions.

    Tech Stack Worked on :

    Java + Spring Boot MongoDB Python Google Cloud Platform Docker React.js

  • June, 2018 July, 2018

    Summer Intern

    Electromech Corporation Cloud and Opensource Company

    I was working with AWS Services and devloping applications using that services. Explored CI/CD using Jenkins and other DevOps Tools

    A GUI based tool was made using Java, giving similar features as S3 browser such as multi-part upload, upload, schedule upload, deleting, listing buckets and many more.

    Face Recognition Application was made using Java and for that AWS Rekognition Service was integrated along with many other services.

    Tech Stack Worked on :

    Java Amazon Web Services Data Structures and Algorithms Jenkins

My Current Projects

  • EduEazy

    Project Description : EduEazy is a one-stop platform for anyone, including students, teachers or anyone who wants to learn a new skill. This web app compares different courses from the various platforms and lets the user choose the most appropriate course based on his/her interests and expertise in the field so far. The user can customize searches based on his/her priorities and get a personalized experience by getting recommendation on basis of skills.

    Team Size : 4

    Django Data Structures and Algorithms Database ReactJs

    Predicting Transportation Carbon Emission

    Project Description : Our main motive was to generate a real time scenario of transportation using SUMO and perform Linear Regression, PCA, GMM, etc. by developing python code. Prediction of carbon emission is performed by the Linear Regression model.

    Team Size : 3

    Python Machine Learning Optimization Problems


    Product Description : Tweetozy is your stop for systematic and smooth responses on Twitter! It’s the key to trouble-free Team management, especially with superb features like Auto-reply using ML! In addition to that, we also provide insight and analysis on your Twitter stats along with your Tweet Wall being organised always!

    Team Size : 3

    Node.Js Data Structures and Algorithms Database ReactJs

My Past Projects

  • Impact of Mobility on Physical Layer Security

    Project Description : The study of the Impact of Mobility on Physical Layer Security over wireless fading channels includes important results such as positive secrecy capacity probability of RWP Model.

    Team Size : 4

    Python Matlab
  • Multicasting Media over IP

    Project Description : Main motive was to develop an Internet TV/Radio application that uses multicast. It’s more of live streaming video on multiple senders.

    Team Size : 3

    Networking Concepts C
  • Query Language similar to MySQL

    Project Description : A language was defined similar to MySQL for few operations like create, delete, update, etc... This project was done using only C language and concepts of Linked List, Pointers, etc.

    Team Size : 1

    C Language Linked List Pointers
  • Heart Disease Prediction

    Project Description : Heart Disease Prediction was done using Bayesian Probabilistic Model. It was implemented using Bayes theorem, Noisy-Or Model and Graph Theory. Probability data was referred from a research paper and then it was implemented using Bayesian Network

    Team Size : 2

    C++ Data Structures and Algorithms Matlab Hugin Lite
  • FPGA Implementation for Finding SVD Components of Images

    Project Description : Main motive was to find singular value components of a 32*32 matrix. Algorithm was developed to find the SVD Components and then it was compared with inbuilt Matlab Functions. Matlab code was written and verilog code was developed to implement on Zync FPGA.

    Team Size : 4

    Matlab Data Structures and Algorithms Zync FPGA Verilog
  • Smart Parking System

    Project Description : The major thing in a smart parking system is the identification of different vehicles in order to ease the process of booking a parking space or fining. Also right parking and wrong parking was determined using sensor inputs and algorithmic logic.

    Real time information of available parking spaces of a particular road were updated on the server/app. Along with these shortest path was provided to the user between two parking areas chosen by the user.

    Team Size : 4

    Arduino RFID Tags Data Structures and Algorithms Sensors GSM Module PHP
  • Wedding Management System

    Project Description : This project aims at computerizing the manual process of the wedding planning system. The purpose of this project is to outline wedding data and requirements, to recommend data management solutions and to provide information regarding the wedding

    The purpose of this project is to develop a database management system to consolidate, organize, document, store and distribute information related to the wedding management system.

    Team Size : 3

  • Queue Simulation

    Project Description : Queue Simulation was performed for a scenario of people waiting in a queue at medicine shop at hospital. Functionalities like counter close, schedule time and arranging people in a way that time taken is minimum was implemented.

    Team Size : 2

    Java Data Structures and Algorithms